Originally from New York City, DJ Hue Holla currently resides in the city of Las Vegas. Coming from a city which is considered a melting pot due to its great diversity of people, he has been able to acquire an assorted taste in music. After relocating to Las Vegas for college in 2000, Hue Holla’s passion for music became even more profound as he was introduced to a relatively new west coast sound. It didn’t take long after being introduced to a few DJ’s on the Las Vegas scene before Hue Holla knew exactly what he was destined for. The city of entertainment blessed him with an environment where he was able to meet some of the most talented and experienced individuals, willing to provide world-class mentorship to nourish his ambition.


DJ Hue Holla has developed the ability that allows him to skillfully rock crowds time and time again. He has a unique talent to read crowds and fluently cross various genres of music while keeping everyone on their feet. This talent stems from working everything from radio to nightclubs, corporate events, and everything else in between. Each event provides another experience which allows Hue Holla to continue growing.


Hue Holla has gained much reverence through his continued live mixshows on Hot 97.5 FM (KVEG), nightclub sets, and his relationships with many celebrity artists. He can also be recognized as a main cast member on the first season of the FYI Networks hit television show, “Seven Year Switch”, which premiered during the summer of 2015. The lights and cameras are nothing new to him, after also appearing on an episode during season 8 of the Oxygen channels, “Bad Girls Club”.

DJ Hue Holla believes that goals are only achieved with dedication and a strong work ethic. Embracing this idea allows
him to thrive as a DJ in the entertainment industry, with his passion for music guiding the way!